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Biological filter

  • Customized biological filter tank
Customized biological filter tank

Customized biological filter tank

  • Corrosion resistant material
  • Large specific surface area of filter material
  • Scientific and reasonable design
  • Can be customized according to customer site
  • Product description: Biological filter is the most important part of circulating water treatment. The aim of removing harmful substances from water can be realized by using high specific surface area filter material to ma
The product description
Biofiltration is a core role in water treatment. Whether it's domestic wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, aquaculture wastewater treatment, etc. Reduce COD/BOD, and harmful chemicals, such as nitrogen and nitrogen are the basic requirement of discharging standard. Biofiltration is the purpose of using the porous carrier, temperature, PH, dissolved oxygen, degree of the water conditions, such as directional cultivation biological bacteria. To remove the certain substances in the water.

Biological filter  material generally choose avirulent, without precipitation, corrosion resistant materials. Specific surface area and easy to clean material is preferred. Blue spirit aquarium studying aquaculture and aquatic systems engineering for many years. Selection of the finest PVC brush, biological ball, filter material, such as Japan felt (biochemical felt) made from a variety of Biofiltration barrels. When water flow through biological filter, water ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, nitrate, etc will be attached to these microbes on the filter material, so that the water can be reused.

Product advantages
All materials are non-toxic precipitate free corrosion resistant materials, brackish water general;
Filter material specific surface area over 1000 m2 / m3;

The design is exquisite, the velocity control properly.

Directions for use
Water flow from the top of the biological filter tank injection, through the biological filter, from the last case the overflow into the bottom of the pipe. Sewage is convenient and clean;
To biological filter into specific species on a regular basis helps to improve the work efficiency of biological filter;

Ozone and chlorine dioxide disinfectant will lead to biological bacteria are killed, so should avoid ozone equipment such as ozone generator and the biological filter used at the same time.

The product application
Sewage treatment engineering, circulation of landscape water treatment, chemical wastewater treatment, the aquarium, aquarium engineering, koi pond water treatment, indoor circulating water aquaculture engineering.
Sewage treatment engineering:
High density circulating water fish farm

The production workshop

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