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Biological filter

  • BIO filter tank
BIO filter tank

BIO filter tank

  • Scientific and reasonable design
  • Corrosion resistant materials and fillers
  • Size customizable
  • No power consumption
  • Product description: tank type biological filter is the core equipment in many aspects of circulating water treatment
Product description

tank type biological filter is the core equipment in many aspects of circulating water treatment. In the case of the water circulating water is fixed, the total nitrogen inputs are constantly increasing, these nitrogenous substances in a series of biological effects, transformed into water soluble ammonia or nitrites, the accumulation of these substances will cause aquatic poisoning. Therefore, it is necessary to convert these ammonia nitrogen and other substances into non-toxic substances in the circulating water culture. Biochemical tank is through a certain carrier, the cultivation of biological bacteria, ammonia nitrogen and other substances in the water decomposition. However, biochemical filtration requires a certain pre treatment, such as drum filter, protein skimmer, and so on.

Large biological filter box:

Working principle

Tank type biological filter (biological filter box) is a kind of biological filtration container in recirculating aquaculture a series of constantly sum up experience and production, its exquisite design and let the water remain at a certain velocity range, ensure the biofilm attached to the biological filter as soon as possible, and thus the whole system the equipment together to play the awesome effect.

Combined equipment
sand filter tank, protein skimmer, oxygen pump or fan

Matters needing attention
Box type biological filter (biological filter box) is not recommended with the ozone generator while in use for the treatment of circulating water, residual ozone water can cause bacteria are killed, so that the biological filtration failure. But can lead ultraviolet sterilization device.
Where possible, the water remained slow and ensure high dissolved oxygen is very important!

In the biological filter front-end with physical filtration equipment such as protein skimmer, microfiltration machine, can effectively reduce the cleaning frequency of box type biological filter.

Material composition
Non toxic food grade PP or PVC, no precipitation, corrosion resistance to sea water. Long term use without replacement.

Contains material are of high specific surface area of the biological filter, such as brush, biochemical blanket, coral sand, porous ceramic ring, bio ball etc..


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