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Biological filter

  • Aerated biological filter
Aerated biological filter

Aerated biological filter

  • Save a space
  • High efficiency
  • Corrosion resistant biological filler
  • Water is more oxygenated
  • Product description: Aerated biological filter is a simple biological filter. Aeration is used to push the suspended fillers to roll over and increase the dissolved oxygen. Meanwhile, friction between the fillers can be u

The aerated biological filter refers to a biological filter that utilizes the characteristics of the suspended filter material to aerate the filter material in the reaction barrel by aeration and oxygen, and fully contact with oxygen.

Aerated biofilters are typically made of corrosion resistant materials such as PP plastic. It contains a reaction tank and a set of aeration aeration equipment. In the case of a recirculating aquaculture system, it can be aerated with a fan or air pump. The filter material is suspended in water and the total volume of the filter material is only a small fraction of the total volume of the reaction tank. After the bottom of the barrel is aerated, the rising bubbles agitate the water and drive the filter material to roll. The filter material is brought into full contact with the bubbles. Aeration can not only drive the filter material to roll, but also increase the dissolved oxygen of the water body, providing good conditions for the beneficial bacteria to hang on the filter material.

When the biofilm is propagated to a certain extent on the filter material, the thickness is increased. At the same time the flora is aging. The processing capacity of the reactor is reduced. Generally, the filter material is cleaned. To remove the aged bacteria membrane on the filter material. The aerated biological filter filter is tumbling because the filter material is continuously tumbling, and the friction between the filter material and the filter material can cause the partially aged bacteria membrane to fall off automatically. Reduce the trouble of manual cleaning.

The aerated biofilter uses pressure inflow and self-flowing water. The effluent is opened from the bottom of the reaction tank, rises to a certain height through the pipeline, and then flows back into the pool through the three-way.

Aerated biofilters are widely used in water treatment projects such as aquaculture, sewage treatment, and landscape water treatment.


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