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protein skimmer

  • protein skimmer
protein skimmer

protein skimmer

  • auto backwash
  • Corrosion resistant material
  • Never plug
  • Oxygenation of water
  • Product description: The protein skimmer is a water treatment device that removes suspended solids from water by the principle of air flotation separation
Product development background
In the water treatment industry, excess solid suspended solids, viscous colloids, etc. in water usually need to be removed by a filter. However, general filters are prone to clogging problems, and some small particles of solid suspension are difficult to remove. If you want to remove small particles, you need to improve the filtration accuracy. Correspondingly, it is necessary to increase the pressure. The final performance is to increase the system power consumption. At the same time, in the process of water treatment, after mechanical filtration, it is generally necessary to increase the oxygen content of the water body to reduce the COD of the water body. Prepare for compliance or next biological treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a device that does not block, has good filtration separation effect, and can increase oxygen in water.
Product description

The protein skimmer is a water treatment device that removes suspended solids from water by the principle of air flotation separation. After a large number of fine bubbles are produced in its reaction barrel by a certain method, the bubbles slowly rise under the action of buoyancy. Since the gas-liquid surface in contact with the liquid has a considerable surface tension, the small bubbles adsorb solid suspended solids, viscous colloids and the like in the water. A high concentration of soiled foam is then formed at the top of the protein skimmer. The foam carries a solid suspension through the drain pipe. Under the defoaming action of the atomizing nozzle, a high concentration of sewage is formed. Thereby achieving the effect of solid-liquid separation.

Lanling Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the aquaculture water treatment industry for ten years. It has a professional team in equipment research and development and has conducted a large number of experiments. Each type of equipment is matured and brought to market after professional experimentation, customer feedback, and continuous improvement. The product improvement of the protein skimmer has always been carried out along the line of low cost, high efficiency and easy operation. In 2017, we applied for the invention patent and utility model patent for the latest protein skimmer technology.
Product advantages
Our protein skimmer have the following advantages:
1. Using the most advanced ultra-micro bubble generating device, the average diameter of the bubbles produced is 0.1 mm; the air flotation adsorption capacity is more than ten times stronger than the old generation protein skimmer;
2. All equipments are made of corrosion-resistant PP-PVC and other materials, which can handle seawater, acid-alkaline liquids, etc.
3. Fully automatic cleaning device, which makes the system use the external water to automatically atomize and defoam the foam at the upper end. Save labor.
4. Fool-like installation, automatic operation, never blocked;
5. During the process of floating a large amount of air bubbles from the water, since the diameter of the bubble is extremely small, the gas-liquid surface contact time is longer, and therefore, the air or the entered ozone can be more fully dissolved into the water;
6. If the intake contains ozone, the reaction tank of the protein skimmer acts as an ozone mixing tower. A multi-purpose machine.
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High-density aquatic product holding:

Industrial and municipal wastewater treatment:

Aquarium circulating water treatment:


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