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fish pond and incubator

  • foldable canvas fishpond
foldable canvas fishpond

foldable canvas fishpond

  • PVC mesh cloth with high strength
  • Sea water resistance
  • Reasonable design and easy installation
  • Foldable, detachable and removable
  • Product description: The collapsible canvas fishpond is a movable fishpond made of steel supports and canvas. With high mechanical strength, low cost, movable and folding, it is an ideal aquaculture and swimming pool stor

In industries such as factory recirculated aquaculture or swimming pools, a lower cost water storage device is very important. Cement pools are costly and immobile. In many places, hardening of the ground to break up the surface of the land is not allowed. The fishpond of GFRP or PP plastic is more mobile. But shipping large fish ponds is a problem. A foldable canvas fishpond is a relatively better option.

Canvas fishpond is a kind of portable fishpond made of PVC mesh fabric. The shape and size can be customized according to the customer's needs. Package transportation saves space. Installation is simple. After years of improvement by lanling water treatment equipment co., LTD., the problem of fishpond deformation is easily solved. The fish pond can be easily transferred after the site lease or after the hatching period of the fish.

The canvas fish pond of guangzhou lanling water treatment equipment co., LTD USES material thickness not less than 1 mm. Higher intensity. The steel frame structure is a strong guarantee that the fish tank will not deform when filled with water.

The collapsible canvas fishpond USES the water outlet at the bottom of the fishpond, and the water outlet connection adopts a special way. The customer can connect with PVC pipes of the corresponding size when installing. Very simple.

Install video:

Large scale aquaculture USES foldable fish ponds, with the lowest cost:

Folding fishpond can also be used for swimming pool, temporary aquaculture, agricultural irrigation water storage, sewage treatment and other water treatment. It can be customized. Transportation and installation are simple. Indoor circumstance can use more than 10 years.


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