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How to become a aquaculture master?

    I recently saw two particularly interesting discussions. One was about "why is cancer often late when it's found?" , one group is "what are the evils of TCM? The comments below these topics are the most interesting. Basically everyone comes up with their own version, pointing out what's unscientific and unreasonable about other people's opinions. A war of words broke out in the comments section. But in the end, nobody could convince anyone. Real people, what to believe, what to believe, what to do.
    It's a little bit like aquaculture. Why is shrimp disease once discovered irreversible? What are the side effects of antibiotics? It can also win heated discussions. In the comments section of some video, a new technology product may be envied by countless people, but also may be questioned and satirized.

    Since the introduction of pure oxygen dispensers, we have listened to many voices. Some people questioned the false power mark of the product, some said pure oxygen utilization rate, some said failure rate. More people focus on the price and feel that the price is too high. I take a few examples from a few aquatic product technology to illustrate this problem from the side.
    Take dissolved oxygen in water. Many people say that one device can reach 30 parts per million of oxygen in water. Lanling did not do so high water dissolved oxygen, in the pure oxygen dissolved oxygen device outlet, dissolved oxygen test results were 37ppm. The question is, does it make sense? This equipment is aimed at the aquatic products in large water body to increase oxygen, the final effect is based on the increase of dissolved oxygen in the total water body. The dissolved oxygen value of effluent is related to flow rate, oxygen purity and other factors.

    Another important question, which many people will understand, is that the higher the dissolved oxygen in the water, the better. The higher dissolved oxygen, the higher the density of aquaculture, the higher the benefit.
    Dissolved oxygen in water is a bit like human blood sugar, not the higher the better. High blood sugar is easy to get diabetes, dissolved oxygen is too high fish and shrimp easy to get bubble disease.
    How to maintain and control dissolved oxygen levels in water is the key. To maintain dissolved oxygen in water, real-time monitoring of dissolved oxygen is required. The amount of newly added oxygen should be equal to the speed of COD consumption of fish, shrimp and water, so dissolved oxygen is at a reasonable level. Control is how to make dissolved oxygen level more stable and save cost while effectively maintaining.
    Another example is feeding. In most cases, people like to invest as much as they can in order to maximize their growth rate. Maximize benefits. But it often backfires. In recent years, many of the customer feedback is due to the amount of feeding too much. The digestive capacity of fish and shrimp has a certain limit. Even with the addition of some probiotic mix, its digestive capacity is limited. More feeding will keep the fish and shrimp full, increasing the burden of gastrointestinal function, and finally digestive system problems. So some experienced farmers will let fish and shrimp "80% full", this is in fact a special accordance with the law of nature health practice.

    After the rise of recycling aquaculture, a lot of people pay close attention to aquaculture density. The idea is that if a device is good enough, the density can go up indefinitely. The theory goes like this. But actually, high density means high risk. In the same pool, there are 10 jin of fish, and 10 million fish, the risk is different. Therefore, only when water treatment and breeding technologies are guaranteed can high-density breeding be carried out smoothly. In recent years, there have been many cases of recycling aquiculture in which "little horse and big cart" finally turned over. The customer thought the budget exceeded the limit to compress the budget, the supplier thought, the foreign experts said nothing must be ok. We all fantasize that adding a 1,000-yuan device will bring 10 million yuan in revenue for this year's farming. The end result is easy.

    When I talk to clients, I often say a precautionary philosophy. The so-called "top cure not disease". Water quality regulation is the basic operation of aquaculture. If this pass is not done well, when the disease breaks out, there is often no way back. Therefore, the master is often adhere to the water quality testing, analysis. The problem was stamped out before it appeared.

    We often say that aquaculture is a very professional technology. It's like going on the operating table and doing an operation on someone. It's not like you can train someone for five minutes and then go on stage and operate on them. As the saying goes, only if you work hard enough can you look effortless. Aquaculture is a technical food industry, only after a lot of learning, practice. System master the relevant technology, to improve the overall success rate. No matter what kind of situation happens, we have a corresponding plan, can calmly deal with. This is called "no trick, no trick."

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